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Transforms Apple Magic Mouse 2 into an incredibly comfortable, fully ergonomic experience
Beautifully-crafted casing
Smoother gliding
Patented optical technology





Which mice are supported?
Initially only the Apple Magic Mouse 2. That's the mouse that's charged from underneath and doesn't use AA batteries.
What's the best way to grip it?
Grip it with the base of your palm at the very end. This helps you make multi-touch gestures.
My pointer moves slower. How can I speed it back up?
System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click > Tracking speed > move scrubber to the right.
My pointer grows sometimes. How can I stop it?
System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Pointer > uncheck shake mouse pointer.
What if my pointer glitches? Or doesn't move at all?
It's likely that your mouse lens has tiny scratches, causing the laser to scatter. This is more likely to be the case with older Apple mice, or mice frequently transported in tight spaces without any kind of cover. Please contact us at team@mousebase.io for further help.
Why not add a charging port so I can use the mouse while charging?
We tried that, but Apple mice are programmed to shut off while charging.
How best to clean the feet from dust?
A swab or tissue lightly soaked in water should do the trick.
What colors are available?
Currently light gray is available, which pairs with silver mice and accessories. Dark gray and the 7 colors of the iMac are coming soon.
Is it coming to a store in my country?
That's the plan. We first launched on Amazon.com, which already ships to many countries. But we hope to expand to more stores and countries in the near future.
Where is the MouseBase made?
The MouseBase is designed and assembled in the USA.